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Tax Year 2018 Welcome

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year again when we start feeling the itch to gather our paperwork for tax filing.

Due to the 2018 tax reform , my pricing has changed a bit.

If you didn't use it last year, my new website includes a secured server if you are concerned about sharing your documents digitally. Please send me a note if you've uploaded docs there.


Consults: $60/hr with a 1hr minimum Basic 1040 returns with no items to deduct (STANDARD DEDUCTION): $175 Returns for contractors/ small business owners: $200 Extra state returns: $50/ state Extensions: $50

$25 referral credit - so please refer your people! 


I will be offering a limited number of in-person appointments this year in Los Angeles only. All out of state clients will have the option to video chat. Most clients very graciously send documents digitally or through snail mail, especially since most of us have a long standing relationship. If you wish to do this, please send paperwork  BEFORE 4/1/19, and contact me for the appropriate mailing address. 


This year I am proud to announce a new venture I'm a part of with two brilliant friends called HERCollective LA. We offer tax preparation, bookkeeping, business development consulting and other accounting services. I've also partnered with Verdi, another female led business that offers financial coaching for women who dream big.


The IRS and all employers registered with the IRS have a mutual agreement to send all tax related docs to taxpayers (YOU) by 1/31 of every year. That said, I will not be filing any returns until after 2/4/19 to insure we do not have to file any amendments. 

I look forward to working with you again and please don't hesitate to reply with any questions!



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