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The truth is businesses cannot thrive without format. I know this the hard way. That is why I believe in empowering creative entrepreneurs and small business owners with modern accounting and financial analytics so they can be the ultimate best at what they do. As a creative and small business owner myself, I have the experience in setting up business systems so that tax time works for you instead of against you. I provide small business consulting and tax preparation with a listening ear when the grind often feels overwhelming. My 15 years’ experience in tax preparation and decade in entrepreneurship allows me to support you with the right tools because establishing structures and routines compliant to governmental protocols is vital to our success.


In 2005, I had my taxes prepared by a Woman of Color who worked on Wall Street by day, and was dedicated to her tax preparation service at night. It was her investment in her future and her support for women small business owners that inspired my entrepreneurship and interest in giving back. As a wife, mother, photographer, and business owner, I know the work we do is not just important to us but also important in providing a future for those that we love. Allow me to take the headache out of your taxes and guide you in all that you need to thrive.


Great! If you're reading this we probably have a lot in common. My background is unique - I worked 10 years in Education Reform in NYC before becoming a full-time, freelance photographer in 2010. I understand, first hand, the challenges of being a freelancer and/or business owner and can speak to operating and sustaining said ventures.


Businesses can't thrive if they are disorganized, so it is vital that you establish structures and routines that keep you in compliance with the IRS.

I'm trained to inform you on the following topics:

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • Filing Status

  • Deadlines

  • Estimated Tax Payments

  • Deductions


Confused about why you owe so much when tax time rolls around? Or why your local franchise is charging you an arm and a leg to file, yet you have no idea what you are filing? I am here to help demystify the scary, old IRS for you by setting you up for success.


Preparing for and filing your taxes should be easy and systematic. I can help filers who have basic 1040 returns with no items to claim as well as filers who have more involved situations like children, properties, businesses, and/ or investments.


For more complex  tax returns, I have two CPA partners that consult with Squires Tax Preparation on an 'as needed' basis. I am also happy to refer a bookeeper and/or financial advisor that is well suited for your business. Rest assured that you will be taken care of from start to finish. 

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